More About Me

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My Background

Born to two accomplished creatives, it's no wonder the vibrant world of the arts cast its spell on me from a young age. From photography and painting to mastering the banjo, guitar, and jazz piano, I reveled in the colors and rhythms of life. Two childhood years in Paris sparked an insatiable lifelong wanderlust. Art, travel, and visual design were the threads in my life that created an unexpected tapestry: a passion for real estate. I absolutely love working with people to discover and create visual beauty. Architecture, design, interiors –– this is all part of finding a wonderful place to call home.

With my artist's eye, I bring a unique splash of color to the industry. I delight in readying sellers for the market, and am quickly able to spot value-adding improvements at a glance. As a proactive collaborator, I devise renovation strategies that significantly increase a property's worth, always aiming for the highest possible return. Loyal clients see me not just as an agent but as a trusted resource, a friend who treats them like family. I listen well, care deeply, and ensure no detail of their transaction slips through the cracks.

When not weaving real estate magic, you'll find me basking in the beauty of nature, enjoying day trips to Sebastopol or Half Moon Bay. The water is my sanctuary – I love being in or near the water and love lap swimming. For me, water is healing and earth is grounding –- I love gardening and feel uplifted visiting nurseries.As a foodie, I eagerly anticipate our local bounty of ripe peaches, plump tomatoes, and fine wines.  But my own exuberant garden offers an explosion of color, and I find inspiration for home palettes there. The sheer beauty of the garden informs my aesthetic as it calms my mind.

With over three decades of experience under my belt, I blend artistic flair and business acumen to confidently secure swift, rewarding sales for every home I touch. I'm sophisticated yet artsy, approachable yet professional, winning over clients with ease. Let me win you over, too. I look forward to showing you what a creative eye can see, sell, and secure for your future.

What Sets Kate Apart?

1. Skillful, intuitive, analytical and creative negotiator

2. Marketing specialist with a background in art and a creative eye for visual aesthetics

3. Absolute integrity, honesty, and a relationship built on trust

4. Very enthusiastic and high energy

5. A go getter with a do whatever it takes and do it now attitude

6. A compassionate, caring, patient and tireless Advocate

7. Great sense of humor and brings fun to the process

8. Expert knowledge on preparing properties for sale

9. Focused on the results, is tenacious, persistent and dedicated

10. Constantly planning ahead in anticipating what is needed next

11. Places her clients interests first and foremost always

Work History

Realtor, Coldwell Banker, Oakland. Helps clients buy and sell residential real estate primarily in Oakland, Berkeley and surrounding communities.
Realtor, Wells and Bennett Realtors, Oakland
Realtor, ERA Real Estate, Alameda
Owner, Kate Phillips Jewelry. Design, manufacture and distribution of fashion jewelery to department stores and retail specialty shops
Sales Management and Jewelry Buyer, Laura-Kiran Retail Stores. Sales, customer service, management and buyer.